SEBIA - Simple Event-Based Image Archive

Simple and future-proof image archive [BETA]

Quick start

NOTE: if you are using Chrome or Chromium, you need to start the browser with "allow-file-access-from-files" -option. Like this:

chromium --allow-file-access-from-files

How it works?

SEBIA creates a XML-based database of a directory chosen by the user. The browseable HTML index is created on the fly with the XSL -transformations by the browsers' XSLT engines.

File names

SEBIA creates an unique identifier to every image by combining EXIF time stamp and the original file name. Although it is possible that there are two images that share both the time stamp and the filename, I see this possibility quite unlikely.


Event can be almost anything from holidays and birthdays to sunsets and renovations of apartment. A session is

Events are stored in events.xml

Events are defined in events.xml file that is located in the XML directory. That file does not exist in the sebia tarball, so that you don't accidently overwrite your own events when updating.

Events are added by writing directly to the file. The format is very simple. The root node (that must exist only once) is "events". Under that are "event" nodes with title attribute. The session nodes are "shooting sessions" which are defined by "begin" and "end" attributes. NOTE: events.xml must be a valid XML!

	<event title="Amsterdan 2010" >
		<session title="First days" 
		<session title="Trip to ... well" 

In practise, the easiest way to define events is to browse photos by directory and copy begin and end valued from there. You can load a sample file from here. Place it inside xml directory in your SEBIA location and rename it as "events.xml.

What if there are more than one photographer?

Events are non-problematic way to organise photos if there are one photographer. This person can not be more than a one place at time. But ...

The problem arises when, for example, an another member of the family adds images to the same machine. If one was in Greece while another was in a summer cottage, there would be an interesting mix of images if the shooting time was the only factor of categorisation.

Therefore, in SEBIA, one can define which directories are included in the session with the "dir" node. This requires that each phtographers images are in their own directories.

Recent Updates

[05/09/2013] Beta 2.1 release.

[03/09/2013] Beta 2 release.

[20/08/2013] First release.