New dimensions of Opendimension!

By opendime, 10 February, 2022

Once upon a time there was a site...

It's been a while since last update on this page. Now its time to refocus things a little bit and start a literally a new page. will focus on two things that are most interesting for me: Digital and Humanities.

Mozilla Hubs, the easy way for creating Virtual Worlds
Testing Mozilla Hubs for virtual conference use.

Virtual spaces, digital humanities workflows, graph databases, automatic subject indexing, optical character recognition, citation extraction, photogrammetry, 360-photography, Wikidata and Structured commons etc.  Lots of things are happening right now, lot of data is in hands of humanists and lots of problems are raised. There is SO much that can be done and there are so many obstacles in the road!

I hope that could help (even a little bit) digital humanists to cope with their precious content.