Pyramidaze! (updated for 2.63)


  • updated for blender 2.63 (13.08.2012)
  • updated for blender 2.55 (20.12.2010)

This simple script adds a pyramid over every selected face.


  1. Open script in the text window in Blender.
  2. Select faces you want to pyramidaze.
  3. Set settings. (Sorry, there is no GUI yet so you have to edit the file.)
    • py_height: height of the pyramid. Negative values works too.
    • use_area: if 1 then uses face's area as a height multiplied with area_multi.
    • area_multi: multiplier for face area. Negative values inverts pyramids.
    • copy_location: if 1 then new mesh is created to the same location as original object.
  4. Run script with Alt + P
  5. For smooth result, remove doubles and add subsurf-modifier.

Download here for 2.63 (pyramidaze_2.63.blend)

Download here for 2.55 (

Download here for 2.49 (