GLAMpipe in progress


Olen työskennellyt viimeaikoina GLAMpipe-nimisen työkalun kehittämisen parissa. Hanke on Wikimedia Suomen projekti OKM:n rahoitukseslla.

Kyseessä on sveitsiläinen linkkuveitsi -tyyppinen ohjelmisto aineistojen katseluun, muokkaukseen ja lataamiseen. Ohjelman käyttäminen ei vaadi ohjelmointitaitoja.

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GLAMs, Mediawiki Commons and mass uploads with GWToolset

GLAMWiki Toolset project is a collaboration between various Wikimedia chapters and Europeana. The goal of the project is to provide easy-to-use tools to make batch uploads of GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) content to Wikimedia Commons.

One problem for GLAMs is how to create a XML metadata file that is required GLAMWiki Toolset. I have been trying to figure out what is needed for that conversion from a GLAM perspective.

Read about demos I wrote from



Started working with the GlamWikiToolset

I started in the Wikimedia Finland as techincal assistant. I'll be working with GlamWikiToolset and Wikimaps.

My first task is to document GWToolset in Finnish and to assist Finnish GLAMs to publish their materials in the Wikimedia Commons.


Blender script: Render Online Orthographic Tiles

This script renders 256*256 pixel tiles that can be used with Leaflet or OpenLayers.
In addition, it writes index.html for you so this is a sort of one-click solution. It uses a hosted version of Leaflet, so you don't have to download anything extra.

More info here:


X3DOM template addon for Blender

I've been experimenting with X3DOM template system. Early adapters might want to try.

More info here:


GetSimple rocks!

Just discovered and installed this great CMS. This is the way things should work! No configurations of databases etc. XML it is.